Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today is Katietron's birthday party!  Yay!  We will be meeting up at the Usual Thursday Night bar on a Tuesday to celebrate!  I love my friends so.


I have a few new things going on, some things that may be happening, and some things I hope to have happen soon.

* we're renovating pretty hardcore here.  Starting with the kitchen.  I know I must have mentioned it before, but with our schedules, the project is taking foreverrrr.  We finally made the flooring decision today (as we currently have a carpeted kitchen which is not fire safe).

* I have a couple groups of friends who want to form bands with me!  Yippie!  It's always been my secret ambition to be in a band, and since all I can really do is sing (my guitar experiments and playing about two songs on piano really don't count), I never really thought I would have the opportunity!  Stoked!

* I am planning to open an Etsy store in the nearish future.  It will house all things photo related: jewelry, pillows, coasters... yup.  I have to pick up supplies and light a fire under myself to get started, but it will happen.

* Wedding planning.  Being a professional procrastinator but realizing the enormity of the job ahead of me is a little scary.  I don't want to throw everything together at the last minute, but I don't want the wedding to consume my life (because really, the wedding is nice but the marriage is the goal here!).  Finding a balance between the two is a challenge.

Well, I am off to make myself a bite to eat and get to work in that pesky kitchen!!!  Have a lovely Tuesday!
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  1. I tOtally feeL that thing about being in a band. Wish I could play too. jelllll uS


  2. The wedding planning: that's what I'm here for!

    Do your research now. Figure out what it is you WANT, and we'll go from there!

  3. @Robin- aw, you rock my world! We seriously have so much in common.

    @Patchie- I know, I have to finalize what I want to have happen. Too many ideas. haha


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