Monday, March 28, 2011

Etsy Monday: Happy Memories Edition

Today's Etsy Monday is all about good memories of my friend and little "brother" Bobby.

When he was six, he came out to audition for Encore Kids.  All the other kids sang "Happy Birthday" or simple Disney songs, but not Bobby.  Oh, no.  He sang "Mr. Mistoffolees" from CATS, complete with a little dance routine.  This CATS record turned bowl would remind me of this memory and make me smile every time I saw it.

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One of Bobby's more brilliant performances was one in which he had a smaller part, as a man-rabid-dog-lunatic creature in our Local Theatre's dark circus inspired rendition of Sweeney Todd.  For such a sweet, happy kid, he made a really creepy inmate.  He was just that crazy talented.  These little meatpies remind me of being backstage when he would eat the hot pocket "meat pies" from the show in character and gross me out.

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Bobby was also in our production of Suessical the Musical.  I will always remember how he went from being this little kid clinging to my leg to this teen who looked after all the new little kids in the theatre.  I had just come back from my first year of college and I couldn't get over how my favorite little kid was now too grown up for piggy back rides.  I was proud of him for looking after the little ones, encouraging them in their art.  This digital scrapbook set is bright and whimsical and definitely reminds me of the show that made me realize my little "brother" was growing up.

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I can't even express how perfect this next one is.  Bobby was always trying to direct things when he was little.  His favorite color was blue.  I may have to buy a print of this.  I like to think he's now directing us in our lives, up in the blue sky.

via: keepcalmshop

Okay, I realize this post is short, but to keep calm like above, I gotta go to the Local Theatre and photograph Bobby's commemorative marquee, run some errands, and swing by the high school.  He is sorely missed, but I know he's up there waiting for all the players to exit the stage and join him in the green room.  Until then, he'll be watching us on the monitor, cheering us on as always.
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  1. Completely unrelated to Bobby, I must have that Keep Calm and Direct On print in my life.

    Bobby made his life goal to make people smile, and I have made that my coping mechanism. We'll get through this.


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