Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Last Thing...

a moment of disappointment. I went to drop off the underwater disposable film camera I had picked up while on vacation with my parents and Bear.  I took pictures of us at the indoor water park at Massanutten, and I have waited my whole entire life to see my dad act so goofy!!!  And I'll be damned if the tech told me the film was crap.  Nothing but gray/brown exposures.  You could kinda see the water reflections, but having worked in the VERY SAME LAB as the photo tech, I recognized this wasn't a question of the machine acting up or a chemical imbalance.  It was totally a bum roll of film.  The worst part?  I paid for the Kodak underwater disposable camera for TWICE the amount I know it goes for retail, because I forgot to buy one at Target and bought one from the water park instead.  Usually, I trust the Kodak brand and in my time as a one-hour photo tech NEVER had a roll from any identical camera be messed up like that.  I'm so upset.  I will take it as a sign that my next point and shoot will be one that is waterproof.

I will say, the pictures that didn't come out at all were of the most awesome park ever.  And my dad was really having the time of his life, pushing Bear and my floating tube things under the waterfalls along the lazy river and laughing.  I didn't even mind that he always got me, it was just cool to see him having fun.

Yup, I'm still bummed about that film.  Here's some of the park I took with my Coolpix from the observation deck...

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  1. Tell you what, when my folks next offer us their timeshare slot, we should double date vacay.


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