Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Busy Day Ahead...

I should probably be asleep, but it's technically Tuesday so I will go ahead and post earlier than 3pm for a change.  Tomorrow I have a job interview, so I am excited and nervous!  I am hoping I get the position, but a lot of people are vying for it, so I am trying not to get my hopes up...

In the meantime, here are some neat things around the interwebs...


* An e-course about interior decorating... I could probably use some help once we finish renovating (which may now also involve ripping out a sink and a bathtub, as well as knocking out a few walls and building new ones...).  I love that Rachel is all about vintage finds and art pieces, but I have to say my style is definitely not as cohesive as hers seems to be.

* This one of a kind ring is amazing... and was made by a man for his wife on their wedding day!  The engagement ring is equally as amazing and thoughtful.  Guys, if you have these skills and creativity, this idea is so much more amazing than "going to Jared's" (barf).

* I am a serious literature nerd.  I am also a craft lover.  This series of book covers has me drooling!  I know it's a gimmick to promote classic literature and up sales, but it's a really pretty gimmick!

* Clearly, I like cupcakes, which is unusual for a girl who doesn't really enjoy cake or lots of sugary foods.  Anyway, this poster about cupcakes is so adorable and simple!

* Living with four cats, a dog, and a guy, I find that Fabreeze is my best friend.  However, sometimes, Bear and I can't agree on a scent or we buy a dud spray bottle that won't spray, or I simply look at the price and figure it's not worth it.  Recently, I've noticed that it's not environmentally friendly either.  This tutorial about making a green alternative to Fabreeze is fascinating, along with the debate and discussion in the comments.  I guess I never figured it was something I could make myself without a Chemistry degree...

* After the whole bird fiasco I experienced on my porch recently, I have begun to wonder about the other birds moving in on the property.  We have a few acres, so I know there are tons of birds.  I always try to grab the camera and telephoto lens to snap some moments of quirky birdness, but I can't always get the moment.  This bird camera lives where the birds do.  How great is that?!?!  There is also a camera for time lapse photos of your garden growing! I bet watching that as a gif would make winter seem less barren!

* As a photographer, I love seeing a body of work that inspires me, tells me a story, and educates me about a cause or condition.  Heck, as a PERSON I love seeing those qualities in art!  This series about breast cancer is so haunting.  The images are all beautiful, and none of the women appear a victim of the camera- or of their cancer.  They are tough survivors who volunteered to help the photographer depict that breast cancer is "not a pink ribbon".

* This is another photography series that is gaining a lot of attention and has a wonderful message: being grateful for something daily.  A lot of us overlook the small things that make us smile.  Taking time to appreciate one aspect of life a day can completely change your outlook on life.  Hailey is now embarking on a journey to create a documentary about the project she started, and how it's effected those who have participated around the world! (You can see Hailey's original project, shot entirely on polaroids, here!  This is where I first learned about the project, back in 2009, exactly a month after she completed it!)

* Finally, a little fun project!  There are a lot of camera bags marketed to women that look like a typical purse, but inside are constructed to protect and support heavy and fragile cameras and lenses.  These are beautiful and I really want one, but they are a bit pricey.  This instructional teaches you how to take a cheaper bag and modify it to be a custom camera bag!!!

*I am starting my own 365 Grateful!  I am learning quickly that the people and things you appreciate may not last forever, and I want to train myself to fully appreciate them while I can.  I will be posting my photos here from the week, once a week, as part of Photobomb Fridays.*

Okay, I am off to bed before I have to wake up and collect myself and my references, resume, and conflicts list for tomorrow's interview!  Wish me luck!
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  1. I like all of those links!

    The SCAR project is WONDERFUL. I love the idea.

  2. Isn't it amazing?!?! It has really opened my eyes to the real effects of breast cancer, aside from the walks and pink ribbons and pink merchandise to go towards research. Seeing the human facet has such an impact!

  3. I have a friend who just had a double mastectomy and even then, it didn't seem 'real' to me, because she didn't look much different. I think the fact that their clothes are off and you have no choice but to look is what makes it so profound!

  4. Wow, that's heavy! I have serious admiration for women (and men) who battle cancer and survive. It isn't easy, and it takes a strong individual with a lot of willpower to get through it. I agree that seeing the scars outright is definitely part of the power. I also am drawn to their eyes... such determination and spirit!


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