Monday, April 25, 2011

Etsy Monday: Cooking Up Inspiration

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  Bear and I did, his family had a lovely gathering here, and my parents were able to attend as well!  When the day slowed down, Bear, myself and our parents got some work done on our kitchen renovations!  We should have a REAL KITCHEN by the end of a month!  YAY!

To celebrate this epicness, I put together a small Etsy edition of kitchen related things.  I say small because it isn't as involved as some Mondays of the past, but for good reason!  Bear got off work really early, so we are about to run out the door for the hardware store to get some supplies so we can continue kitchen things!

So, without further ado, here are today's featured items!

We are excited to have a dishwasher and say good-bye to hand washing all our dishes!!!  We are ALSO excited to have a real kitchen sink (instead of a laundry tub) to use for the fine dishes we still have to hand wash...

Here's a handy sign for the dishwasher, with an easy flip switch!!!

via: wonbien

I am a sucker for pretty plates and platters.  Even when I have no use for them... look how lovely!

via: clayswan

We could get fancy in our new REAL KITCHEN (ha!) with some fancy shmancy gourmet salt!  And it's oh-so-pretty!

via: craigsmarket

These little postcards would be adorable framed and on the wall in the kitchen!  I love the mid-century modern look to them... and they are BRIGHT which is perfect, since we painted out home to look like the inside of a bag of Skittles (I kid you not)!

via: amyawalters

And what REAL KITCHEN would be complete without a collection of recipes and a handy place to jot them all down?  I love these colorful cards!  You could color code your breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert and appetizer recipes on them!!!  Yes please.

via: 1canoe2

Like I said, today's a short Etsy post, because the real world insists I get the kitchen renovated before filling it with adorable colorful things!

In similar news, I can't decide which KitchenAid stand mixer I should register for!  There are so many lovely colors.  Our kitchen is painted "Toasted Apricot" and the cabinetry will be a distressed black (with chalkboard paint coated front panels for easy to-do lists!  Also, I always wanted to write on furniture and walls and have it be OK...), with copper and cream accents.  Maybe I should go for a pale yellow that leans towards the cream color?  I just don't know!  Anyone have a KitchenAid stand mixer?  Do you love yours?  What color do YOU have?

Have a wonderful Monday!  Hope your weather is as gorgeous as the weather is here today!
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  1. You seriously just made my LIFE posting that clean/dirty sign. Mom's been begging for one!

  2. Hi, thanks for following my blog!
    I love the salts... it's funny to see that because I was in World Market a few months ago and saw some and couldn't help but wish I could afford to take them home and photograph them!
    Now I can live vicariously through you for free. =D

  3. Patchie: hahaha, we always forget if the things washed by machine are clean or dirty, so I definitely did a happy dance when I saw that item! Although, would we remember to switch the sign to correctly reflect the cleanliness of our dishes? Hmmm...

    Ryan and Sara: hi! Thanks for stopping by! I had never seen gourmet salt before! I am rather intrigued by the whole thing, and couldn't not share it! Is World Market a store or a marketplace? I am intrigued! (I could google it I suppose, but it's far more interesting to hear it from a real person with an opinion!)

  4. Oh, I LOVE World Market. I miss it! Marizabeth - there is one in Pentagon City. We will ahve to go!

  5. It's a store but kind of like a commercialized marketplace... kind of.
    Here, take in it's awesomeness:


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