Monday, April 11, 2011

A Letter to my Love...

My Dearest,

Thank-you so much for being so incredible.  These past few weeks have been insanely difficult for me and my family (immediate and "adopted" Encore/theatre family), and I know I have not been my usual happy-go-lucky self.  I know you don't always understand when I randomly dissolve into tears in the middle of a routine activity, like sorting recycling; or why I seem to have to cry every night before bed.  Despite this, you are always there to comfort me with hugs, kisses, and such wise, wise words.

You worry that you aren't helping, that you repeat yourself too often.  Hearing "things will be okay again soon enough" helps every time.  It reminds me that I have my own future to embrace.  Your talk of wedding plans and kitchen renovations help to divert my attentions.  You listen to all my nostalgic stories  and you forgive me when I beg to go out to a bar with friends and want to leave shortly after arriving, because I am suddenly overwhelmed by all the people and noise.  You put up with my watching Disney channel (just to have something to watch that provides no conflict and is basically comprised of fluff), and with my comfort films from my childhood that are all musicals.  You allow me to work through life at my own pace, while somehow still urging me to keep going, to find that silver lining.

You are my sunshine, my moon, my stars.  You are what sends me reeling into orbit and calls me back to Earth again.  You are my support system and my reality check, the fire under my...assets... and the one who makes sure I take time to smell the roses.

I know I don't always make sense to you, that I sometimes pick silly fights and selfishly disregard the things you care about.  I know in many ways, I don't deserve you... and in many ways I do.  I love you so much.  Thanks for being my one and only.  I can't wait to spend forever and eternity with you and make happy memories.  Thank-you for waking me up, and giving me the time I need to grieve today so that I can celebrate with you tomorrow.

All My Love.


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