Friday, April 22, 2011

Photobomb Friday: Waves and Saves

So, Patchie and I went to the State Park I work at on Fridays for some photogeekery and chill time, while our menfolk hung out playing video games at  Bear's and my apartment (is that how you say that?  Grammar-wise?  Hmmm).  It was excellent: 80 degrees, breeze off the water, sunny but not TOO sunny, calm.  We even dipped our feet into the cold water... first splashes of spring and summer!  I plan on making more frequent trips come summer and later spring... we plan on visiting again next Wednesday, too!  For more of the story of my busy day yesterday, go here!

(Patchie, please don't hate me for posting all the silly face pictures... I just love them in a series!!!)  Then we went to PetCo.  Seriously, if you are looking for a test subject for photography... go to a local pet store and shoot without a flash.  It helps you learn a lot about metering and shutter speeds and aperture (and patience... those critters can be skittish and the fish can swing really, really fast)!

Also- little known fact: fish and birds weird me out.  I am not sure why.  BUT, I love owls and ravens and crows, seahorses and leafy sea dragons.  Not sure what that's all about...  I also want a chameleon one day.  So adorable.  I diiieee!

And these are my thrifty finds from this week!  I found snazzy shoes for Bear... and they fit perfectly!

Finally, here are this week's 365 Grateful photos!

Yup, I am grateful for Tic-Tac, the amazing cat that thinks he's a puppy!  Another grateful: I got the job I applied for!  I am a librarian again!  Hooray!  I am so very excited!

I also just realized, Bear and I are getting married in EXACTLY a year from today!  Oh my goodness, I have to get cracking on this planning nonsense!

Have a lovely weekend and a "Hoppy" Easter!  Ciao!
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  1. Hahaha, I KNEW those would get posted.

    I had a blast! We will do this often!

  2. I work in a library!! And I love that red shirt you thrifted, it's cute!

  3. Patchie: I really couldn't resist. They make me giggle! Can't wait for next week's park trip part two!

    Steff: Yay for libraries! I LOVE books and the quiet and the feeling of being in the presence of so much knowledge. I love that shirt, too! Thanks! I am excited for it to get warm enough to wear it out!


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