Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Saturated Color

I may have mentioned once or twice that I LOVE color!  I am painting our apartment to resemble a bag of Skittles subconsciously (and love it)... bright cheery colors make me feel optimistic and happy.  So I am a little bit (head over heels) in love with some of the more colorful weddings I have seen online... (and a little worried about narrowing our wedding down to only a few colors...)

I saw this wedding and wished I could emulate it so badly.  I can't figure out how I would pull it off, not to mention I haven't been on a bicycle since I was ten maybe, but I live vicariously through the pictures!

all photos via: greenweddingshoes * wedding photographer: rachelthurston
It looks like it was the most fun wedding ever in the history of weddings.  Again, these aren't my photos... to learn the story behind the wedding, check out the original post I sourced the images from!  All of the above images are from that post, and I also linked to the original photographer!  You should stop by and show some love.  :)

The fun wedding also got some attention over at Martha Stewart Weddings, and I do recommend checking it out there for more photos and insight into the big day (even though I am not a Martha Stewart fan by any means and I am kinda dying inside for even mentioning her on my blog... twice by name and now once inferred.  Ugh).

This concept is amazing and I am drooling over it.  I love the idea of having so many colors in the wedding!  And having themed bouquets, too... I die!  So beautiful.  I am really rethinking my plans here.

images via: bridalmusings * photographer: lauramurray

I am so enthralled with the vibrant colors and general FUN of the whole scheme!  Bear and my upcoming wedding has been dubbed the "fun" wedding, and I really want it to be just that.  Looking at these images, I can't help but think a lot of color would definitely contribute to making a "fun" wedding!  There is still a cohesive design plan, but it allows for a more spontaneous feel instead of a stuffy boring usual weddingness about it.

All I have for sure set at this moment is: our inspiration/theme is films we love with a vintage twist.  I do like the colors we (uh...I?) picked, but I am so drawn to this idea that I am beginning to think of the possibilities... and my bridesmaids will kill me, but it's just so darn tempting to go rainbow crazy.  Today.  Tomorrow it may change.

I need June to hurry up and pass already so I can concentrate on my own wedding instead of everyone else's!!

I also found something adorable I wanted to share for those who are looking for a way to preserve honeymoon memories in moving pictures: A Bryan Photo's Homemade Film option!  You take the footage with a Super 8 film camera from the kit, and when you return your kit supplies and film, you merely relive the memories until you receive your edited, polished film.  Professionally edited and made into a keepsake video you can watch over and over.  And one day show the kids.  As long as you filmed responsibly...

Teryn & Steve - Western Europe from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.

That was my little retro twist thrown in at the end.  Did you like that?!?!  hehe

Have a happy Wednesday!  Patchie and I visited a different Local Park yesterday, and I took some video in addition to photos.  This Friday may have a moving picture twist to it!  Ooooh, aaaaahhhh!  I know, I know, it's exciting... but you have to wait!!!
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  1. Just keep me out of yellow and I will be happy with ANY colors you pick :-P

  2. I like the idea of a rainbow wedding, too, but I think it only works if you're having, like, a hundred bridesmaids!

  3. Yseult: I KNOOOOWWWWW! I suppose if the gents had a color and then the groom, the bride, and continuing to the bridesmaids you could get a similar effect without a million people? Thanks for stopping by!!!

    Patchie: yes, you shall be yellow-free. Although I keep thinking about Grease... "you look like a beautiful blond pineapple!" hehehe

  4. Yseult: I just realized who you are. hahaha Fancy name! I feel silly now. :)


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