Thursday, June 2, 2011

24 Things for 24 Years...

I will probably not be on here tomorrow, as that is my official birthday, and I have a morning meeting and then we are going to see the new Pirates movie!  So today, I wanted to create a list of 24 things about me, one for each year I've been on this planet.

left photo by me, right photo by Patchie

1.  I've always felt that because I moved a lot I would never get to have those life-long friends.  But I was wrong, as people like Patchie, Kaite, Squeebie and Katietron have become like sisters!

2.  I am just barely 5 foot tall.

3.  I always feel I have to have a "favorite" of any given thing, and then I can never make up my mind which of the set of things is my "favorite".

4.  I am a wimp and can't deal with scary movies!

5.  I am addicted to Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, even though they both give me anxiety attacks.

6.  In high school, I became obsessed with the goth aesthetic.

7.  I never got more piercings than my basic holes in my ears because I was afraid of the permanency of scars, but I got four tattoos instead... (anyone get that logic?  Because I am still perplexed!  I do love my tats, though!)

8.  I love watching movies taped from TV with commercials, and will choose a taped VHS version over our fancy DVDs just to watch the tacky 80's commercials.

9.  I tend to obsess over one particular music group or genre at a time, and I won't listen to anything else during that time.  I can't wait to see what our band can do!!!

10.  I sometimes have a lot of trouble understanding how my Bear could love me so much... but I have no trouble believing how much I love him.

photos by Patchie

11.  I was homeschooled for part of my life, attended private school, and public school, a four-year college, and community college... and I am always trying to learn something new!

12.  I am considering going back to school for my MLS.

13.  My dream job is becoming a National Geographic photographer... but I am a bit worried about how well I could rough it when needed.

14.  I am allergic to a million things, from dust and pollen to tomatoes and seafood.

15.  I am having trouble planning my wedding because I never thought about it as a kid, I actually believed it would never happen to me!

16.  I have lived in a ton of places, from NYC to New Orleans, and even rural Indiana.

17.  I collect elephant things, and got to meet the real live ones at the Phx Zoo!!!

18.  I have really bizarre dreams and usually remember them for a few hours until they fade away.

19.  I am afraid to cook because I am accident prone, and I am convinced I will chop off my fingers along with the carrots, or start a fire.

20.  I didn't get my drivers license until I was 21, and I still hate driving.

me, my little cousin, uncle, and Bear!

21.  In high school, I began writing a novel.  I recently found it, and was so engrossed, I was disappointed the story didn't continue after the few chapters I wrote... I hope to finish it now!

22.  I was never a girly girl, but I was not really a tomboy either... I was and am some kind of in-between.

23.  I absolutely despise that society seems to endorse the ridiculous shenanigans of famous people, who were only born into fame and have no real talent or drive.  Yes, I mean you, Paris Hilton and the Kardashians.

24.  Sometimes I find it hard to be who I am because I am a people pleaser, and I can't always make everyone happy.  But I am trying to focus on keeping me happy now!

Have a great weekend!  I hope you all have an adventure out there wherever you are!
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  1. I took the word "or" out of #19 and could NOT figure that one out.

    This is fun! Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow!! It's actually my birthday tomorrow too! :D

    Hope you have an awesome day!

  3. Patchie- that is hilarious! I love when you misread things. It's always entertaining!

    Kristin Dawn- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 6/3 is the way to be! Yippie!


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