Friday, June 10, 2011

Photobomb Friday: Part II of the Double Photobomb Friday Saga!

So, after a full day in DC, we spent Sunday more locally.  Bear didn't have to work like he did on Saturday, so we got to spend some time together!  When we got home Saturday night, Bear and Patchie's Boy were ready to hit a local bar, so we went the Marina.  It was... okay.  Not really my cup of tea, but a local band was playing and a ton of people were there.  I wound up seeing some friends I hadn't seen since high school, which was kinda cool.

Anyway... Sunday.  Sunday we slept in a bit and made a run to Safeway for groceries.  We hadn't bought food since our renovations began, so we were getting desperate for something in the fridge that wasn't carry out leftovers and beer.  On the way home, we stopped to take pictures of the neighbors little goats that I've been dying to photograph, but never had the guts to pull over and take out the camera!  Bear's mom showed us how big the chickens have grown too! Then, we met up with Patchie and her Boy at his house, where they made a delicious steak, asparagus and potatoes lunch for us (with shrimp for everyone but lil' old me who would then need a hospital visit), followed by some Wii Fit Plus hilarity and cake!  Following lunch, Bear and I went to Cracker Barrel to meet with both our families for a big family dinner.  It was a pretty awesome ending to a pretty awesome weekend!

  Look!  There's my pretty new camera!  And my birthday nails... which I need to repaint because they are clearly dying.

And seriously... check out the difference in the chickens!  It's only been a few weeks!!!


Have a wonderful weekend!  Did any of you have any spectacular adventures this week and post about them?  Please leave me a link... I'd love to see your "Photobombs", too!!!

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  1. My Photobomb is pretty similar ;-)

    You really have a knack for putting collages together!

  2. When will the chickens be big enough to hook us up with some local, farm-raised eggs? Yay, organic!! Also, who is the owner of the creepy Eye of Sauron keychain?


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