Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Pause

Basically, I have run out of inspiration for Wedding Wednesday, so rather than bore you all with mediocre wedding posts, I have decided to put the feature on "pause".  When I start making more plans and getting excited again, it will no doubt pick back up!

You may have noticed some changes in my blog layout.  I removed the long list of blogs I follow from the right sidebar, mostly because the list was HUGE!  I am working on setting up a better page you can access from the top bar to recognize all the bloggers out there that keep me inspired! *edit: I discovered I can show the 5 most recently updated blogs, and you can click to see all of them if you want!*

Speaking of which, I definitely did a little happy dance when I saw one of my buttons has been linked to the "daily reads" page over at Kafe80s!  I love Kristin's blog and her awesome style, so I am truly tickled to be on her radar!  If you have a nostalgia for all things '80s, definitely check out her blog!  I especially loved the Labyrinth post... not to mention her adorable kitties and their antics are highly entertaining, and she posts some pretty tasty recipes as well.  Did I mention she's in a band?  Awesome.  If you grabbed a button from me, please let me know!  I plan on saying something fun for each of you on here by way of gratitude!

via: kafe80s

I mentioned yesterday that I was writing a guest post for a fellow blogger... and I did it today and sent it out!  It will be posted at the end of the month-ish.  I had never written a guest post before, and found it both fun and challenging.  The subject matter is one I don't usually discuss, and I found it a lovely excuse to wander down memory lane... even though half the photos I wanted to use were on the PC that died.  If anyone wants me to write one for your blog, I would love to take up the challenge again!

from expired 35mm film, 2009/2010

Have a great Wednesday!  xo
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