Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Saying Thank-You

Something that is very important to me, insofar as weddings go, is thanking the people who are sharing in your big day!  Bridesmaids, groomsmen, and families are often recipients of gifts, ranging from jewelry to flasks and beyond.  Guests often take home anything from bookmarks to candy to bubbles and more.

I am in the unique position of finding myself surrounded by truly talented people who are generously volunteering their gifts for our wedding; we have friends and family to take care of almost everything from photography (my Aunt) to make up (my friend Jessica) to music (friend and DJ Christian) and bar-tending (always tip your bartenders and be sure to learn their names... they could come through for you someday!).  Since most of these people are insisting on providing some sort of service as a wedding gift, I am intent on finding a gift for them all!  Some people may not see this as a necessity, but as a photographer, I have to say getting a little thank-you note or small token is always touching.  If you are in a similar position as we are, or if you simply want to thank your professionals, I have compiled some sites and products for finding a great gift for those outside of the party/family/guest parameters.

For the photog:  I LOVE Photojojo!  They have a million fun things!

Buy the The Lens Bracelet™   at the Photojojo Store!

* $10 for one or $15 for two photo-geek-worthy bracelets!

Buy the 12-Color Splash Flash at the Photojojo Store!

* $30 external color flash!  Awesome!!!

For the Bar Tender(s):  

* find unique mixers and more like this at Kegworks!

* The gift that is usable over and over again... funny ice!

For the DJ/ Musician(s):

* Gigantic ear buds!  Of course, also from Fred!

* Record coasters for a cool retro look for only $18!

For the make up/Hair crew:

* a neat way to insure there is space to plug in all those curling irons and blow dryers!

* say thanks with this sweet kit of delicious lip gloss!

I hope you all enjoyed learning about some fun quirky gift sites and maybe some of you got a couple gift ideas out of it!

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. The power strip is my fav. No way I would pay $18 for coasters like that when I can go to a thrift store and make my own out of scratched LPs and such for $25 ea.


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