Monday, August 15, 2011

The Adventures of Pig...

So I got this cute package in the mail from Squeebie containing this little guy named Pig.  Yes, I got an owl post!  Total nerd out!  He's so darn adorable, I've been taking him everywhere, and trying to remember to shoot some photos!

I kinda love that my friends are so creative.  The little guy came packed with a snail lunch (clearly he ate it, since all I got was a shell!), some earrings, instructions, and a personal letter.  I'm not gonna lie... I jumped around a lot and squealed when I got him!  hehe

Since Picasa appears to have crashed on my computer, I don't have a lot of photos to share today, but keep an eye out... I will definitely have more later!  I also created a Flickr group for Squeebie's owl post project that I will share later this week!

If you are looking for a cute giveaway, stop by Patchie's neck of the woods; she has a cute one up full of Cape Cod goodies from her recent vacation!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Is Pig coming to a certain event this weekend? He'd fit right in.

    Also, thank you for linking to my giveaway!


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