Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Friday!

Okay, so usually I Photobomb today, but I have nothing TO Photobomb.  Also, I've had a few posts this week with a lot of photos, so it's like a break now, right?  So today I am directing you to a few blogs I am really into at the moment.  I hope you enjoy them!

* With Lavender and Lace!  Kelsey is the cutest, and she rocks film like no other.  While most of us have caved to the digital era of photography, she says "more film for me!"  I totally respect that!

* Danielleorama!  Danielle is pretty freaking awesome.  She is entering the world of vlogging, which is scary to me, but she is totally brilliant!  She is always true to herself and has the best sense of humor!  Dig it!

* La Famille!  Alicia's family is so cute, and she is full of stories, perceptions, and ideas about the modern family and life in general.  She also makes lots of cute things!

* Gregarious Peach!  Georgia's life with her kiddos as seen from her blog can really put me in dangerous mama mode.  I can't wait for kids of my own if I can manage to be as cool and creative a mama!  Peach and Theo are growing up so fast, and I feel I know them a bit, just from watching them grow via the blog... even though we literally live half a world apart.

Go check them out!

Have a wonderful weekend!  We're going to Medieval Times tonight, and Saturday I have head shots to finish at the local theatre, a funeral to attend, and then a 5th birthday party.  Phew.  Sunday will be slower for me, but poor Bear has to work.  Ah, well.

See you Monday!


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