Monday, August 8, 2011

Movie Monday

Taking a break from overloading folks with Etsy gear, today I bring you Movie Monday!  Hopefully, this will be an installment that occurs every month or so...

This is a film I made compiled of footage I took from our trip to Point Lookout, MD. I made a Photobomb of the stills here already, but never got around to doing anything with all the footage.  I had just purchased my Nikon D90 to shoot a wedding that fall, and wanted to familiarize myself with the new camera functions and lenses, and it was the first DSLR I owned with video capability!  Some of the footage is kinda shaky, but the moments are priceless!

I also forgot to credit the song I used, which is a huge no-no and I can't believe I did that.  So, here is the credit for the music: the song is called "Mr. Blue Sky" by the Electric Light Orchestra!  Epic fail on my part as an editor, omitting credit.  Oops.


This past weekend was awesome, I shot a beautiful wedding, had a wedding planning party with my girls, and edited a TON of photos!  More on that on Wednesday!

Have a wonderful Monday!  xo
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