Friday, August 26, 2011


Last year, our PARF trip encompassed the total of one day: driving up, wandering around and drinking, driving back.  Since it's a three hour car trip, we felt this year it would be more of a mini-vacation if we stayed the night at a hotel!  We went to eat at the Isaac's next to the hotel that night... sooooo good!  The next morning we packed up and checked out, and went off in search of coffee and breakfast.  We wound up in the historic district in a town called Lititz (teehee).  We found our coffee at Spill the Beans and wandered the main street taking photos and video for a bit.



The rest of the journey home involved stopping at every open winery we could travel to that would also get us a little closer to home.  It was like the alcoholics version of connect the dots, I guess.  We managed two vineyards/wineries on our route before it got too late for tours and tastings.  We also all nabbed a few bottles of wine for VERY reasonable prices!  We hit up Tamanend Winery and Nissley Vineyards, of which the general opinion was made that the former had better wines while the latter had a nicer estate.  Both are worth checking out, the latter especially if you are a photo geek like me, but again the former is best for serious wine connoisseurs.  They even had a margarita wine (scroll to bottom of the linked page to find this wine)... unusual, but tasty... not my cup of tea, as I am not big on tequila or limes.




And that about concludes last weekend!  Again, you can see more pictures on my Flickr in my Roadtrips folder (there is a button that links to my account on the right hand side bar)!

Have a wonderful weekend!  We'll be avoiding Irene as best we can... I can only handle so many natural disasters per week! 

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  1. Did you have pretzel bread at Isaac's? In my opinion, their pretzel rolls are the best, by far! They also have rainbow bread on the kid's menu, but if you ask nice, they'll make a grown-up sandwich on it, too! Also, also, you can buy loaves of rainbow bread to take home.


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