Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Squeebie has a Blog!

My friend Squeebie, who I've spoken of multiple times here, as well as had a featured photobomb about her recent visit, has gone and got herself a blog!  I am super excited about this, because she is truly one of the most creative people I know.  I always think about her when I read books that feature vivacious female characters, especially when the description matches their physical looks (I know I am such a bulldog and am stuck on CdL, but Squeebie is truly Jilly Coppercorn in real life!).

For Lent, Squeebie gave up Facebook for forty days (except for Sundays, because those are loophole days not actually factored into the forty days.  When you add Sundays, the sum is greater than forty, apparently.  I never knew that before.), and instead updated friends and family here in MD through a news anchor-ish installment via YouTube.  Of course, YouTube didn't like that she used popular music (even with credits!), so she redirected her output through Vimeo, and occasionally Facebook's video uploader itself.  She shared her videos every Sunday on Facebook, which is, let's face it, the one place everyone actually seems to hold true to that "I'll keep in touch" promise.

Now, of course, she's back on Facebook, but living all the way out in KS in a constant state of boredom (I kid, but seriously, I understand there isn't much to do in her area and she doesn't know a whole lot of people), she needed a new project.  Thus the blog.  Here's some info on this hilarious and outspoken individual:

1. She loves her Dalmatian more than some people love their kids.  I'm not kidding.  Of course, the people who don't love their kids are usually not the kind of people I associate with, but anyway.  She really truly loves her dog.  He is her furbaby.  In this vein, she also adopted another dog who belonged to a friend who could no longer take care of her.  She paid to have the dog taken from the shelter before they could euthanize her and be shipped to KS.  True animal hero.

2.  She is one of my bridesmaids who is also engaged to her man, and I am excited to photograph that wedding!

3.  She and her man are involved in firefighting and paramedic work.  Not that that is what the blog is about.  But it is important to her.  And I admire them for all that, because blood freaks me out.  And fires scare me.

4.  She will deny this, but she is a very talented photographer.  She has "the eye".  I've been watching her work over the past couple of years, and it's getting really really good.  Especially pet portraiture.  Which I think she'd be ace at.

5.  She is particular about her books.  As am I.  Except her peculiarities are different than mine.  She doesn't crack the spine, and apparently washes her hands before handling them.  (I lack that dedication.  I write in my books to fix grammar and spelling mistakes missed by the proofreader.  We are peculiar in totally polar opposite ways.)

I really hope some of you will stop by SpottyDogBlog and check it out!  She's just getting started, but I know it'll be a really unique and creative corner of the interwebs!

Happy Tuesday!  xo
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