Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The World According to Zia Maida...

Zia Maida, more commonly referred to as "Z" in our home, is our youngest and most fluffy furbaby.  She has a peculiar outlook on life:  

Don't take the stairs between the rails... it is far more interesting to balance on the outside ledge.

There is no danger in walking on top of the narrow rail on our second story porch... it heightens the suspense.

Moths are alive for the sole purpose of hunting, catching, spitting out, and pinning again just as they think they have escaped.

Book shelves are just fancy kitty hidey-holes with books that are fun to chew on... and the pages clean your teeth of moth residue.

When feeling neglected, mew for the attention of people... and then cry abuse when they pet you.

The recessed fridge is only a fancy, upside-down cat door and lounging area.

Just when the people go to sleep, pull out the crazy eyes and run around tossing expensive and breakable things!

When the people get you things to play with, snub those things and go for something they wish you didn't notice.

Lick yourself in front of the people when they want to photograph you... and then glare at them for being so rude as to document a private bath moment.

And always, ALWAYS act like you own everything!
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  1. Ha ha ha this reminds me so much of my old cat!

  2. 1. That second picture, I didn't realize it was a collage and it took me FOREVER to figure it out.

    2. What do you mean "pull out the crazy eyes?" I don't think I've ever seen her WITHOUT them. Which is why she's my favorite!


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