Thursday, September 15, 2011

Field Guide: This Week Online


Today I am posting some other things online that I have found that you may also be interested in.  I am considering it a field guide to my online expeditions.  ha

* Order & Chaos has a giveaway going on now!  Hurry, it ends this Friday!

*  I am dying to get one of these!  I have been for a while, and I think I am finally caving.  I'm having a toss-up between this one and this one... they are both super cute!

* brookeshaden's flickr stream.  Some of this stuff is disturbing, but it's so creative!  Also, there is some nudity involved, just so's you know.

air and arrows

* Verbal Vomit.  Most of Hannah's entries have me laughing out loud at work.  Her illustrations are pretty terrific!  Be sure to check her hipster posts, because they are particularly hilarious.

Carlos [Lobato] Photography on flickr.  He added me as a contact yesterday and I am in love with his colorful, otherworldly portrayals of his surroundings!


Well, that's about all I have.  We are having a pretty windy and rainy evening here, which keeps cutting off my internet connection.  Hopefully you found something of interest in my short list!

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  1. I have the Millie! But you know that. The bag is heavier than I was expecting, but I've also gotten into the recent habit of never carrying a purse unless I have to, so I suppose every bag is heavy when you live life like that.

  2. Ha! I knew it was gonna be a link for jototes before i even scrolled over it :D I like the betsy BUT I'm partial to mustard and pockets!


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