Monday, November 28, 2011

Engagement Photos by Dad

So, this last weekend was all about going to the venue, checking the lay of the land, and tasting potential wedding food for a finalized menu.  The food was excellent... the venue was stressful.  There are HUGE exhibits, many of them were not there before, and there are these walls that divide the big open space up into small chunks, which means there are no sightlines and limited room for tables... I spent a lot of energy not freaking out or getting too anxious.  By the time we were headed home, I was mentally exhausted from trying to stay calm and happy!  I'm not usually stressed like this, but I hate fielding questions, which seems to be part of being the bride.  I'm not a great decision maker.

Anyway, we have yet to have any engagement photos, so while we were at the venue, I handed my dad the camera and asked him to take a few shots.  Some turned out really cute, others not so much.  He's never used a 50mm lens before, and I think the fixed focal length frustrated him... but I am so lucky to have an awesome dad who is willing to shoot a few pics of me and my sweetie!  Mom took the last couple shots in the gallery too!  I am hoping to get a quick library engagement shoot in soon, too...

Natural Structure
Potato heads
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  1. I love them! My dad took our engagement photos too. =]


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