Thursday, November 17, 2011

Engagement Photos

We have had this ridiculous evolving plan for our engagement photos that began when we were engaged last Christmas.  And by "we" I mean "me"...

Originally, I intended to make a 365 project of love photos.  Just pictures of us in our daily lives, and pick the best of the project for announcements and such.  My willpower failed me, and I never took a SINGLE photo of us.  Also, the date was moved WAY up so we will be married almost exactly a year from the proposal date!  Seeing as I didn't start that project yet, though... it's unlikely I can manage 365 casual "daily life" photos in 50 days.

Then we discussed our love of films, and I thought "how cool, movie poster inspired engagement shots!".  This also would have taken time and planning, costuming, wigs, and make-up to pull off.  Which... we never got started on and now it's too late.

So, I was thinking maybe we'd have to settle on typical engagement pictures.  The kind I was really trying to avoid.

Then I saw THIS LINK and now I am on the hunt for a projector and some awesome slides!  I know time is limited, and our schedules don't match up with Patchie's, who was going to take our photos... and it may not work out.  But, my mom has offered to take some images for us...and if all else fails, I have a tripod and a remote.

I seriously love the idea of projecting backgrounds for photos, though... especially with the winter season creeping up so fast!  We can stay toasty and have a series of interesting images, it's like traveling from our spare room!


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  1. Great idea! Can't wait to see them. =]

  2. The nice thing about this is we're not restricted to daytime shooting (in fact, evening/night would probably be better due to light leak). As long as it's not the week I'm in Baltimore, we can probably figure something out!


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