Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Review

Happy Labor Day weekend, fellow Americans!  In the spirit of the holiday in which we celebrate hard work, I am writing this review of cloth wipes made by my friend & fellow Mama, Amy.  These wipes will soon be for sale in her Etsy shop, so keep a keen eye out!

I wrote about our experience with cloth diapering already, & I had indicated that, in lieu of special cloth wipes, we had opted to use cheap baby washcloths.  We have 24 assorted colorful washcloth wipes folded up in "pop-up" style in our Oxo wipes case on the changing table.  We liked how one side of the washcloth was smooth, & the other slightly scrubby, but still gentle on baby skin.  We also liked that it was a cheap option that was easy to replace should something happen, like loss or damage or some other unforeseen & rather unlikely scenario.  We used one cloth for pee diapers, & 2-4 cloths for poo diapers, depending on how intense the situation was.  But we had plenty of cloths on hand, so it didn't matter to us.

Then Amy sent Rue a gift of cloth wipes!  We loved the stamps on the packing envelope.  It was like a quilt's patchwork of cute art.  Then we smiled over the sweet little ribbon tying our new wipes together.  Amy also included a really sweet note.


I put the wipes (already stripped & treated with Rockin' Green detergent by Amy) on top of our usual wipes container, essentially making it impossible to miss the new wipes if you auto-piloted to the old ones.  These wipes are made of two layers of soft, absorbent flannel, with a serged edge.

double ply side view

They were obviously super-cute.  Amy had made the "Rue exclusive" camera print for us, but included some of her seconds for me to try & review.  These were in three different patterns, & some were not perfectly symmetrical, but they lose no function!

pattern details

The camera print wipes that were made for Rue are perfectly symmetrical, as would be the wipes bought in her shop.  We were surprised at how durable & strong these wipes are!  A massive poo, which used to require up to 4 wipes, was cleared up with a single wipe.  Rue seems to like how they feel on her bum; super soft fabric probably is a nice sensation after sticky poo!  haha


They are just the right thickness; just thick enough to be strong & keep messes on one side, & thin enough to fit in my Munchkin travel wipes case.  This case is intended for store-bought disposable wipes, but can hold 4 of these cloth wipes.  Considering the case is only 1" thick & the wipes have to be doubled over, that isn't too bad.  We are hardly ever out longer than one or two diaper changes, anyway!

Of course, the beauty of cloth wipes is that they can just be tossed into the diaper bag, as they will not dampen or stain everything.  They can easily be popped in with the diapers without being in a case.  No worries.  I just tried the case out to give you a better idea of scale.

These wipes earned the highest rating available in my house: Ted likes them.  A lot.  He admits that, if I were not so persistent, he would have given up on CDing long long ago, so when we find something about the routine that he likes, it's like striking gold!  So, Amy's wipes get the Daddy Seal of Approval!

Happy Labor Day to one & all!  Keep working hard out there.  As for me, I am working on organizing some mini-sessions for the first two weekends of October for Halloween & autumn portraits... so if you are local, keep your calendars open those Saturdays!  There will be 9 slots per day, first come, first serve!  Details to follow.

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