Thursday, November 14, 2013

Back Posting

I am miserable at this blog thing at the moment.  I have been submerged in my own little world... & it is chaotic!  We have had a lot of life moments, which I am just going to summarize here with a huge montage.  I have not used my camera very much in recent history, except for client work, so almost all my personal images are iPhone photos... & that is okay.  I am okay with that.  I would rather have these moments recorded with my phone that not to have them at all!  And it is liberating in a way... I am not concerned with the technical aspects of the tool.  I can focus more on just capturing that elusive little grin Rue has, on remembering how she sleeps right now, eyelashes heavy veils against the light.  That dimpled hand & those thighs that are so chubby the rolls look like melting ice cream, just folded over themselves.  I am so enamoured with this little girl & her Daddy!  Life is beautiful, & I am trying to appreciate that.  We aren't rich, our home is cozy, & we definitely do not need much stuff to be happy.  What we have is enough! If I don't get around to posting more this November (I completely missed October!  Woah), I want to get this out now: I am so grateful for all that I have in this life.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Rue- Sept- early Nov

My goal this month is to post a little bit more often!  We are doing handmade Christmas this year, & I am considering making a craft book to sell on Blurb for quick, cheap, easy & impressive crafts to make for & with children!  Does that sound like anything anyone would be interested in?

I am also working on an Etsy shop... hopefully I will have enough stock to open by April.  Spring means new beginnings, right?!?!

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