Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another Snow Day

Today, I woke up expecting a winter wonderland. Instead, it looked like someone had dumped a slushy on top of the neighborhood. But slowly, the flakes began to fall, & suddenly, there were several inches of powder dusting the world.

Ted was at work all morning, but got home just before the accumulations really started up. I was so relieved he was home safe... my snow day bliss was on hold until he was safely here!

We took the glass out of the coffee table & I tied our wrap around it to make a hammock for Rue. First, she was leery of it, but she warmed up to the idea after a while. We rocked her in it & I sang her a couple sea shanties (because you can't rock in a hammock without pretending to be a marooned pirate for at least a little while!).

Then, Ted went outside to shovel a way to the cellar & our seeds, who still need watering, regardless of the snow. Rue & I got ready to play outside!

I am kinda a goose, because I was so preoccupied with getting the camera & bundling up Rue that I forgot to wear gloves, so my sledding experiences (at the end of which I always managed to find some sort of shrubbery) ended with very VERY cold hands, & a massive amount of snow stuck to my back. How did Ted & Rue escape without morphing into human snowmen? I will never know. Apparently, graceful snow romping is a skill I do not possess.

After several sledding excursions down the hill in the back yard (& trying to find the uneven garden stairs back up under mountains of deceptively cloaking snow drifts), we made our way back inside. I put a saucepan of milk on the stove & we made some tasty mint hot chocolate with added dark cocoa. I like to make my hot chocolate extra thick, & sometimes a little spicy (I call it my "Aztec" chocolate; the thicker & more bitter, the better). Ted was not a fan. I guess I will be making Ted cocoa & Mary cocoa from now on (all the "Aztec" cocoa will be mine!).

Rue still has no opinion on the matter, really, because, in her excitement to taste her first hot cocoa, she missed her mouth entirely. She did seem to enjoy sucking cocoa off my finger, though. Less coordination, all the flavor. Next time, maybe we will let her spoon her hot cocoa into her mouth...

See the hot cocoa just spill onto the table in front of her? Such a silly kid! haha! But that mustache... so dapper.

Watching those flakes come down was pretty amazing, though. I will never get over the magic of nature. Each individual snowflake is entirely unique. I cannot even fathom having the ability to have that many unique thoughts, let alone designs. And from what fell into our yard alone... it is mind boggling how many flakes actually fell from the sky. It just makes me marvel.

So now, we are making pizza on sourdough crust & drinking tequila & juice while Rue slumbers (maybe a super ridiculous late nap, maybe an early bedtime... it's too soon to tell). I hope tomorrow is another family snow day, so I can make a little movie to share!

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