Thursday, February 24, 2011

Self Employment Today really difficult.  Especially when you don't live in a city where a lot of people are close and can often plan for shoots at fun places and have events and things to attend.

I live in the suburbs.  On a farm.  With more cats than I can count, six dogs, horses, miniature horses, chickens, and goats.  And tractors.  And a dirt road.  And lots of people spread out around us varying from five minutes to forty-five minutes away.  And that's local.  Our nearest neighbor is a ten-minute walk from the end of our property's drive (which is a little more than a five-minute walk itself).  Then again, I walk slowly.  It is helpful for taking photos of the woods and critters on the way.

I'm not complaining.  I knew it would be a long haul to start a successful photography business.  However, in this economy, it's downright near impossible.  I try everything: promotions, discounts, free gifts, free travel to other counties, and I have even waived the sitting fee (which I may never, ever do again).  I do get some business, usually to travel to Baltimore which is a couple hours away.  I don't mind an excuse to go to the city, so that's okay.  I just don't drive in cities.  So I usually ask my lovely fiance to be my chauffeur/camera bag boy for the event (until the glorious day business takes off and I can afford a second-shooter who LOVES to drive...).

It makes me wonder, should I move to the city?  It would be good for business...

But I'd miss the stars, fresh air, pets, and my favorite local haunts.  Because as much as I longed to live in the city in high school and college, I have become some sort of country girl.  And I am DEFINITELY am marrying a country boy.  Not that we're some sort of back woods hicks or anything.  We just like space.  And having the ability to sleep easy even if we forgot to lock the car doors or something.

So, I will continue letting this business thing play out as it will.  And find myself a flexible part-time job.  Anyone local know of anything part time involving photography, art, or film?  Preferably?  It would be ideal to stay in the field in which I earned my degree.

But, beggars can't be choosers.

Let's go, opportunity!!!
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  1. You know, once I can afford my camera I may be interested in beign your second shooter for a weekend shoot or two. If you want me.


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