About Me

Hello to new readers!  Greetings and salutations!

Here are a few essentials...

I'm Mary Elizabeth (aka my online alias mashup name, Marizabeth) and I live in Maryland, USA.

I'm a believer in the wonder of the little every day things, like smiles, kisses, music, and art.  I am always mesmerized by really unique iris pigmentation, interesting voices, and off-beat people with well-articulated ideas.  I live like a cyclops, viewing most of the world through the single lens of my camera(s).  I keep a mobile photographic record of my life on my Instagram. The greatest thing we can do in this life is to be the heroes of our own stories, & I aim to be just that.

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My little family is comprised of my husband Ted (aka Bear), our daughter Ruby Dawn (aka Rue), & our pets: Zia Maida & Bilbo (previously Buster; Rummy lives on at the farm, Sinful Cynthia & Tic-Tac are MIA, & poor Josie passed away June 2013).  I would be nothing without my little family and my parents and brother.  But so far, Ted & Rue have probably taught me the most about myself & the life I want to lead.

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Like many mid-twenty-somethings, I have held lots of jobs in my life.  I was a library assistant (as a student assistant turned periodicals assistant, then as the archives assistant) and chain studio photographer, a one-hour photo technician and an on-location shooter & editor for a local film company.  I currently work as a coordinator for a local art gallery, located in a State Park. I am so lucky; I get to bring Rue to the office!

I am a photographer by passion; I just plain love taking photos.  I am working on building up Marizabeth Art & Photography (MAP), an art portraiture business focused on the whimsy & magic of childhood.  I currently only accept local SOMD inquiries via e-mail.  I update my Facebook page frequently, too!

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You can follow me on Pinterest, Flickr and Twitter, too, or you can email me!

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