Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The weather here has been so noncommittal... 40 one day, 75 the next.  By every right, it makes it Spring here, but I can't wait until the temperatures even out a little more.  I am excited for days that are perfect for rambles in the woods or one of the many parks nearby.  I can't wait to find little mushrooms to photograph and interesting dilapidated buildings/foundations to use as backdrops for photo projects!

I was taking a little trip through my iPhone photos following the last Photobomb post, and kept finding myself drawn to the spring photos: the flowers, trees, insects, and mushrooms!

And, I stumbled upon this wedding cake while reading up on the blogs I follow... I LOVE it!  I may have to incorporate this...

via: Kiss the Groom

Well, I have to try for some sleep now.  I have a phone interview with a local paper in the early afternoon (about WATCH, I feel so swanky), a kitchen to tape for painting, and (depending on the weather) some errands to run.

XO, goodnight!
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