Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!!!

For two years of my life, I lived in Marrero, LA, on the outskirts of New Orleans.  Today would be filled with parades, beads, bands, and occasionally that one float where people throw coconuts (be careful, partiers!).  We would get up super early and usually hit the family friendly parades, as I was about ten/eleven/twelve and the oldest of the group (insofar as kids), with my brother who is three years younger than myself and his friends being the youngest.  We once went to the parade on Bourbon Street just to see it... and it was WILD.  Too wild for those of us unable to drink and shocked by public nudity (err... partial nudity mostly).

Well, I've been living back in Maryland since my thirteenth birthday (which would be...ten years... wow), so I haven't been to a parade or really celebrated Mardi Gras since.  Tonight we plan on going to the bar with Patchie and The Boy for the Captain Morgan promotion night (free swag!) and I am HOPING there may be some good Mardi Gras themed music (but not holding my breath).

Anyway, I will celebrate today HERE by tossing you lovely readers (not beads, aww) some links to great fun colorfulness about the internet!


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* Have a sweet-tooth and a penchant for wearing items that show it?  Have you met Twinkie Chan?!?!  You MUST!!!  Her shop is so full of deeeelish crocheted goodies... and even though there is no expiration date, they fly off the "shelves", so be sure to stop by!

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* I already mentioned the wonderful Kaylah here... but if you weren't paying attention, you need to see her blog.  She inspired my rainbow cupcakes!  She's also having an awesome GIVEAWAY on her blog for a jewelry piece from MARYMARY on Etsy!  (How can I not mention someone who's shop has my name twice?!?!)

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* Also already mentioned Katie, who can always put a smile on my face!

*  THIS WEDDING.  Holy crap.  Nothing will ever be close to this.  It's like a movie set I wish I had access to for pictures...

* Anyone follow the Royal Family?  Anyone?  I have this obsession with the lives of Royalty (as a kid, I read ALL the Dear America Princess collection, as well as any other literature on Royal high-profile individuals... and I may watch documentaries, too...), and I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I am interested in the upcoming wedding.  If you are a Royal Wedding curious person as well, find out the goods HERE!

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* We have "hardwood" (*coughlinoliumorsomethingcough*) floors here.  I love them, Bear hates them.  Compromise?  Floor rugs.  Why are so many boring, ugly rugs out there?  I want THESE!!!

* Have a thing for lockets?  So do I.  Especially when they aren't the old, blah heart-shaped "look-at-me-I'm-little-orphan-Annie" kind.  THESE would do nicely!

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Well, I think I threw quite a lovely string of links for Mardi Gras!  I wish I had some pictures to share from when I lived around NOLA, but I do not (they are all at my parents house... and I feel weird saying they were all analog back then, when digital cameras cost an arm and a leg and were only 3 megapixels... so they are prints hiding in a box or drawer somewhere, I suppose).

Remember, WHOEVER FINDS THE BABY IN THE KING CAKE HAS TO BRING THE KING CAKE NEXT YEAR!  (Don't swallow the plastic baby, please!)
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  1. In the midst of wedding madness, we are SO baking a cake next year.


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