Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Healing Process.

Bobby's passing has effected me so much more than I was prepared for, and the healing process is taking time.  Please bear with me, things will start getting a bit more cheerful on here soon enough.

His sister Alyssa sent me this link to a video of him singing.  She asked for it when she went to college, because he was always singing around the house and she would miss hearing him.  It definitely makes me laugh through the tears.  He was such a goof, and so talented.

The viewing and funeral arrangements were just made public, and will be held this weekend.  It's hard to imagine someone so ALIVE being gone.  He truly lived life to it's fullest.  Here are a couple other YouTube videos his friends made in his memory.

Bobby, I know you are still alive in the hearts of all who knew and loved you. You made this world a better place simply by being yourself.  I love you so much, and will see you again.
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