Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life as it is Today really freaking slow.  Oh, well.

I spent this morning re-writing my resume (thanks to our old PC, the original file was corrupted and completely useless) and sending out for another part-time job opportunity.  I have a job on Fridays now, which pays pretty well for what it is, so I am excited.  Not to mention, the job is at a state park which is gorgeous!  And an art gallery!  I will be SURROUNDED by inspiration all day (and I was told I can bring my camera and take photos whenever I want a break from paperwork)!

This other job I applied for today is at the local college library where I worked as a student aid.  This time, the position is PT, the pay is higher, and I generally just miss working in a library.  I think it was my favorite job ever, even more than running my own business (I have anxiety attacks, so living my dream can mean freaking out a lot, too).  There is something so peaceful about libraries.  They house my favorite things- books- and are a haven of silence.  I appreciate silence quite a bit.

And as I am recapping, I will touch on my earlier rant about Awards Season... I actually managed to win a WATCH award!  What?!?!?!  I was floored.  It was the first time I was nominated that I didn't write the "just in case" acceptance speech, so of course that would be when I finally get called to the podium.  By the by, those podiums aren't as tall as I thought they were, which is good, because I am short.  I discovered that my childhood speech impediment returns when I am really nervous.  I also discovered that standing on a stage in front of a ton of people who volunteer in community theatre is totally different than standing on a stage in front of a ton of people coming to see you as a character in a show.  Maybe it was because it was me being me (unscripted!)?  Anyway, it was a complete honor and humbling experience.  I was up against some truly talented people, and I am so stunned to have been there in the first place as a nominee.  Woah.

OK, well, I am going to gather up all Bear's and my old clothes and get them to Goodwill... and maybe pick up some new-to-me goodies!

Sorry for the lack of photos... perhaps I will photograph and share any thrifty finds later!
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