Monday, March 7, 2011

Out and About... Internet vs. Real World

I've been absent from my own blog because I have found other blogs I couldn't stop reading.  I'm one of those obsessive-compulsive people who has to finish what they start, which includes reading an entire blog, even if it's been active for years.  So I have read two complete blogs in the past week, Color me Katie and The Dainty Squid.  Both are super colorful and fun, as well as inspirational.

I always feel a little bit like a stalker when I read through every blog post ever on someone's blogsite, but I justify it in two ways: if they didn't want people reading it, it wouldn't have been posted publicly; and, blogs are like weird modern books that have no set index.  To get the whole story, you have to backtrack to the beginning, and then continue to follow the author as each new chapter comes up.  It's pretty fascinating to me.

In real life I have a few things that cropped up as of late.

* I have booked a sitting with a local insurance company for head shots of the team, for use in their website, employee of the month plaque, and business cards/other needs to promote the agents.

* I have an interview for a part-time part-time job (it's REALLY part-time, as in, one day a week... but it gets me out of the house and pays some) at a local art gallery doing clerical work.  Incidentally, it's the same place I had my heart set on for our wedding reception (still a contender, but Bear's not convinced).

* I modeled for a friend's project, The Goddess Next Door.  It was really fun, and quite relaxed, despite my apprehension.  My mom's pretty conservative, and the project is all about how women of all body types and backgrounds are beautiful, and embracing all our "flaws" (like stretch marks, imperfect symmetry, the stuff everyone has that is airbrushed and stretched out of Cosmo and Vanity Fair and Playboy).  I was a little nervous about how my family would take it, but it's such a powerful message I wanted to help get that message to people who need it (hello, high school self), so I took a chance.  I was pretty conservative in my attire... tee shirts and boy shorts, hello!  But I really tried to embrace me and be completely honest.  I can't save any of the images to post here, but they are available via the first link.  The second link brings you to her website home.

* Kaitelyn turned 21, as did my friend Angelina!  I discovered I am too old to party like I once could.  Ted had the same epiphany.  We're old.

* We re-signed up for NetFlix, and I am loving the sudden availability of films on demand... I am currently watching SLC Punk, and re-watched the SciFi Tin Man series.

* I baked cupcakes for the first time ever.  I have decided that I no longer dislike eggs, but TOTALLY hate eggs.  I hate the texture, the taste, the smell.  I need an egg substitute.  If it weren't for bacon and chicken nuggets, I would be a vegetarian.  BUT, I do enjoy baking.  So, that's exciting.

* I am seriously contemplating opening my Etsy shop, full of photo nerd goodies and colorful paraphernalia.  I don't want to give away any surprises yet, but I've been dreaming up some things I would love to have myself, but never seen, and theories on how to make them.  I plan on doing this, creating some awesome swag, and opening up shop this year!

* I rediscovered Poladroid.  Awesome.

So, here are some photos from this week!

Kaite and Angelina: Legal!

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  1. I also discovered I am too old. These youngins are wearing me out.


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