Saturday, March 12, 2011


First, I would like to say I LOVE MY JOB.  I spent the day doing things that would bore most people (sticking addresses on mail outs... typing out letters for the Board of Directors... secretarial stuff), but I always find it meditative.  Not to mention I was working on the porch, so my view was of the sunlight sparkling off the river through an untidy mess of trees and branches.  And the buzzards that are the locals were so majestic.  The wingspan on those things is incredible.  I brought my camera to take pictures when I took lunch, but I wound up working while eating.  Next time.

In the meantime, to make up for such wordy picture-less entries, I am going to post a million photos I have processed through Poladroid!

And finally, a few more links for you to check out!  You'll notice that I have revamped my blog (because I finally figured it out, ha).  On the right sidebar I have included some links to my favorite blogs I check regularly, made by the bloggers, of course.  I also have a few fun links to other blogs and things...

*I love the photos and lovely stories featured on Gregarious Peach... it makes me look forward to the days when I will be a mom (in the far, far future).  I am also totally convinced I will do a 365 project for the first year of all my kids lives, and I will use cloth diapers.  Also, the water birth/midwife thing may be the way I go (as I refuse needles for anything except tattoos).

*Check out these adorable heart stickers made from vintage maps.  Cute!  A link to another Etsy seller making these has been making the rounds on lots of blogs (and of course I lost track of that one), but I found this one for cheaper (and I am poor, so this is a perk for me).  I think I am going to make some of these myself...

*Favorite Etsy finds as of late:  this, this, I want these for my wedding shoes, and if I won a million dollars I would by everything from this seller!!!  You can shop from my real-life friends on Etsy here and eventually here and here!  Only one shop is up at the moment, but the other two will also be filled with awesome things someday... I can't wait!

XO!  Happy weekend!  I have rehearsal for an Irish and folk band gig on Saturday (tomorrow... errr... later today)!!!  Excited!!!

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