Monday, April 11, 2011

Etsy Monday: Life is Good Edition

The time has come to let go and move on.  Remember the good times always, carry them in your heart.  Let go of the things you can't change, let go of the sadness.  Live, laugh, and love.  That's what it's all about now.

It's okay to remember those you lose in life, and respect their memories.  It's okay to think back on them fondly.  They are never really gone... they live on in us...

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in the memories and the jokes we shared...

via: meesespieces the memories of things that make you smile...

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...If we look for traces of the ones we loved and lost, they are everywhere: in the places they once inhabited, the faces of the people they loved, the impact they made in the attitudes of everyone they met.

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...They will not be forgotten, as if erased...

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...and one day we will see them again...

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...Those we loved loved us in return.  They would want us to clean our hands of remorse and regret...

via: battysbath embrace the life we have and fly towards our goals and dreams...

via: kharaledonne enjoy the not so serious side of life and indulge once in a while...

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...and to embrace our own futures still ahead of us.

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  1. Lovely post!
    I lost my nana a while ago and it broke my heart.
    But now I can look back at my memories and she still lives on in my heart and my head

  2. What a great wedding program!

    Also, now I want a cupcake.

    And I <3 you.

  3. Claire, thanks! Sorry for your loss, but you are absolutely right! We never really lose the love.

    Patchie, I know! I don't think I can afford the commission for those in particular, but that's basically what I plan to have. When are we planning our rainbow cupcake baking date? We should invite your Nametwin (who is Cupcake to me, ironically)! I <3 you too. :)


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