Monday, April 4, 2011

Etsy Monday: Things That Make Me Smile

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster.  I lost a dear friend who was like a little brother to me, determined to reestablish my ties with many recently distant friends, determined to live life to the fullest, realized I was way too depressed, tried anyway, failed, succeeded, felt guilty, gave up guilt, felt lost, and recently realized I "can't wait to feel human again".  I feel like a part of my heart has been ripped out of my chest and stomped to death.  I know a lot of people here feel that way, too.  I keep checking my pulse, ascertaining my existence, feel my breath move my chest and wonder what happened to my soul.  Everything is working but nothing is registering.  This process will take time.  Right now, all any of us can do is take baby steps.  I can't change the horrible tragedy that happened (I tried making deals with God, the Devil, and anything else I could think of, and... nothing), but I can change me.  I can strive to be passionate about the life I am lucky enough to have.  I can tell my friends and family I love them more often.  I can hug those I care about whenever I see them.  I can make an effort to reach out to those I don't see as often anymore.  I can try to make the next several weeks easier for Bobby's family with any support I can offer.  I can be a better person because of all I learned from Bobby's brief time here.  His eleven years of friendship, smiles, and hugs that he was generous enough to share with me.

I know he would want me and all of us who knew and loved him to live on as vibrantly as he did.  He would want us to smile.  So, here are things from Etsy that make me smile when I see them.  Thanks for indulging me as I continue to go through the grieving process (and I tend to jump from stage to stage rather than follow the linear five stage process... so just when I think I am going to be okay I jump way back to denial and start again.  Oy...).

Just think happy thoughts, and you can fly.  Like pinwheels: magical, whimsical, full of youthful optimism and wonder.

via: mxmjewelry

Or the fun of bringing back something now considered "retro" (and boy does THAT make me feel old!) to house your modern phone, like this fun and bright cassette iPhone 4 case!

via: mamastudio

Or this really fun Polly Pocket inspired necklace.  Change her hair and clothes to fit your mood... or if you are sitting through a really boring adult meeting at work and need to release your inner child.

via: vectorcloud

A ring that houses four pretty polaroid photographs of cheery flowers is certain to cheer up those indecisive early Spring days, especially when it's overcast and gray outside.

via: jerseymaids

I grew up with wiener dogs, so this is especially cheery to me, but even if you didn't, the art is adorable, and the colors are a sure pick-me-up!

via: emandsprout

This hand-stiched paper crane necklace is adorable, and reminds me to go for my dreams.  It has a touch of whimsy and simple elegance.

via: itsastitch

I'm not much of one to don a dress, but I love the cheery lemon pattern and adorable name of this "Life is Lemonade" dress!  I imagine wearing something this happy would instantly lift your spirits!

via: nissalynn

Finally, this little plush owl, who is always up for a smile and reminds us to share our love!

via: odeliala

That's it for Etsy Monday!  Remember to hug your friends and family and tell those you care about that you love them.  Smile and embrace life, and live without regrets.  Xo
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  1. It'll take time for things to be easier, but we're all here for each other. Once day you'll wake up and realize that things have finally turned around and arel ooking up. Love you. <3

  2. Today is also Mary Monday...
    You and I will be hearing each other's voices at some point before the stroke of midnight, EST

  3. That lemonade dress is adooorable. And! Thanks for featuring me on your blog list! How nice!

  4. Danielle, absolutely! Thanks for popping by!


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