Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

To all you mamas, expecting mamas, grandmamas, great-grandmamas, great-great-grandmamas, and fur-baby mamas out there, I wish you a lovely Mother's Day!  I wish you relaxation, a treat or two, lots of love, and smiles.

I didn't post my 365 Grateful on Friday because I left my brain next to the bed when I woke up, so here are last week's gratefuls:

And 365 days a year I am grateful for this lovely lady who gave birth to me overseas in a German hospital while nurses coached her in a language she didn't know entirely: my mom.  She homeschooled us as kids, drove us to soccer/baseball/theatre/dance/gymnastics/libraries/American Girl clubs/Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/voice lessons/piano lessons/trumpet lessons/everything, listened to our problems, gave advice, put band-aids on boo-boos, put up with Power Rangers, made the chicken pox/broken bones/strep better with cuddles and Disney movies, and basically sacrificed her own interests for ours for so many years.  I am so lucky and grateful to have her as my mom!

My Mom on her wedding day!  So beautiful!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day, and tell your mom how much you love and appreciate her if you can!

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  1. Oh my, Mary. Thank you so much! I love you, too, and it has always been my pleasure to do all those things... But I didn't like seeing either of you suffer when you were ill. Thanks for a great Mother's Day!


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