Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I Wore: 5.10.11

I have seen these all over the place on the internet and thought, why not?  I'd give it a go.  That being said...

*  I'm not really a fashionista.  At all.  I just like colorful things.  And comfortable things.

*  I am not the skinniest person, either.  I have a little extra weight, but I'm not unhealthy.  I have yet to find a way to pose that makes me feel comfortable with the images I am left with.  I can pose other people all day long and get amazing photos, but I am so awkward in front of a lens...

*  I buy my clothes from Goodwill, Target, Etsy, and from some local Faires and things.  I'm not the type to go on and on about any specific brand.

*  You will never see me in a t-shirt emblazoned with some clothing brand.  I refuse to pay twenty dollars for a t-shirt that makes me a functioning billboard for the place I bought said overpriced t-shirt.

*  Most of my clothes are no longer in stores... they are several seasons or years out of popular fashion.  I am always happy about this... I rarely see people rocking the same clothes as me due in part to this fact.

*  I almost ALWAYS wear pants and t-shirts and some sort of cardigan or hoodie.

*  Many of my t-shirts come from the boy's section of Target.  They are usually on sale for less than ten bucks, and feature such awesome icons as Yoda in sunglasses and R2-D2 as a pop art icon.  Many of these shirts are Star Wars related.  haha

Okay, enough excuses and awkwardness.  Here are the photos.  Have mercy.

The shirt, shoes and green cardigan are from Target.  The pants are from some department store, and are old.  The necklace was made by a friend, the earrings and sunglasses are from Hot Topic.  The blue ring was a gift from Bear and is Lapiz Lazuli.  The other ring is my engagement ring and goes with EVERY outfit!  The hair color is Bright Betty by RAW (the Hot Topic dye brand), likewise the nail polish is the Hot Topic brand nail polish, and is nameless.

Have a happy Tuesday!  Does anyone else do these posts regularly or have thought of doing one?  I'd love to see!
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  1. Sadly I don't get creative with what I wear to work, and on the weekends I usually don't care. Plus I look like I got dressed in the dark 80% of the time (usually because I do). But I am toying with the idea of doing this during faire season!

  2. I love that idea! It sounds way more fun than "this is what I bought from Target two years ago on a clearance rack". :) You can share some link love with the artisans who make the garb, too!


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