Friday, June 3, 2011

6/3, the Way to Be!

To all you other June 3rd miracles out there... happy birthday!  I believe everyone is a miracle, but I am biased about how awesome people born on my birthday are.  We are a pretty stellar bunch!  ;)

Just popping by to say it's my birthday, and it's going really well!  The sun is shining, it's not too hot, my meeting was short and sweet, and Bear is off work early!  We are also going by FedEx to pick up my birthday present... and I will post pictures of it later!

Tonight we are off to have Bison Burgers (sorry vegetarians and vegans, I still eat meat... especially if it comes in the form of bacon), drinks, and see the new Pirates movie in Disney Digital 3D!  I admit I love the 3D resurgence.  It's so much better than when I was a kid in blue and red lensed paper glasses... but I would never buy a 3D TV.  Who wants to take away the novelty by making all your ShamWow commercials appear to attack you on a daily basis?!?!

I also have a ton of Grateful photos, which have yet to make it to Tumblr, but have posted via Instagram (I am also Marizabeth there if you have an account)!

Well, I am off... Bear just got home!  xo
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