Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Effects of Renovations... Going Green!

When embarking on a project, like renovating a kitchen, you expect to be pretty involved for a while.  Demo, reconstruction, design, decor.  That's expected.

The beginning of renovations... there were several occasions to clean up between the left and right image, and the right image and today!

But I have a not-so-dirty little secret about the effects our renovation has had on me: I am addicted to cleaning supplies.  I love new cleaners that get the job done, look nice in their packaging (yes, I am one of THOSE), and I adore the ones that don't have that chemical scent.  If it's made from plant extracts in lieu of chemicals, I love it even more.  If the packaging is 100% recycled materials I am ecstatic!

I like my kitchen to smell like cupcakes, not chemicals!  Okay, so my kitchen cleaner has a light scent of orange zest... just a hint!

So I have a whole new arsenal of biodegradable, earth-friendly, green cleaning solutions and tools.  We purchased a real mop that is reusable and creates no waste other than gray water.  We found earth-friendly sponges made from natural fibers that are flat until you soak them and supposedly have a long working life.  We plan on purchasing a new floor duster that has removable pads that can be thrown in the washing machine as soon as we use all the old Swiffer supplies we already have (I loved Swiffer until I realized how much waste I was creating that would live in a landfill for the sake of clean floors... and that makes me sad).  We reuse old t-shirts, boxers, undershirts, etc. as dust rags and cleaning rags until they are threadbare.  We are trying to really become more responsible inhabitants of this planet!  And to think this all came about because our renovation forced us to relocate items and clean more!

The kitchen looks so much more complete now!  It's hard to remember it this bare!

What changes do you make after a renovation or major cleaning?  What methods are you using to make your home a little more earth-friendly?

I wish you all a happy Thursday!

The Green Men approve of more Earth-Friendly practices!

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  1. When The Boy and I finally get The Place, I plan on doing this as well. Our cat's too dumb to stay out of things, so the less chemicals the better!

  2. Method, Method, Method. By far the most effective brand of plant-based, non-toxic cleaner I have found yet. But, of course, while cleaning the house I found a TON of old cleaners that have been scattered through various uses. We have a ton of Raid and other really chemically things that I am trying to pare down on. Ugh.


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