Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Giveaways and Thoughts on the Subject...

So, Patchie is currently hosting a giveaway over on her blog!  She teamed up with the mind behind Tinker B Boutique to offer $20 store credit to Tinker B Boutique!  I can vouch for the adorableness, cleverness, uniqueness, and addictiveness of those scrabble pendant necklaces!  Patchie gifted two of them to me for my birthday this year, and I am kinda obsessed.  I wear one or the other (if not both) of them every other day!  Just the right mix of whimsy and unobtrusive, brought out by the bold colors and funny text.  I always have people wanting to read them.  I urge you to stop by and enter!  Entering is really easy... just follow Patchie's blog for starters!  There are other ways to win listed underneath... very few entries have been made so far, so the chances of your winning are pretty good right now!!!

via: patchie[verbs]

Here are some thoughts on giveaways while we are on the subject... it seems to me that a lot of blogs have these giveaways, and in many cases, the response is astronomical (hello, 2598 comments?!?!?!).  I notice that many blogs followers list greatly increases with the posting of a giveaway.  However, if you don't have many followers or people to get the word out to begin with, it's kinda dissapointing to check in and see nobody has entered your giveaway!  It's not very fair to the blogger or the sponsor of the giveaway!  Morale = low.  Which is why I want to say... if you have a friend who is attempting their first giveaway and the going is tough, PLEASE HELP PROMOTE THEM!

So I ask you, dear readers (I know you are out there even if you don't always comment!) to please encourage Patchie and Tinker B Boutique!  Both individuals are trying to put themselves out there, and both deserve support!  It only takes a couple minutes, truly, and the products are fantastic!

As incentive, I offer this: if you go enter Patchie's fabulous giveaway and in your comment mention Marizabeth sent you, I will conduct my own giveaway of one of my Fine Art Prints from my own business.

*If 50 of you enter, I will post a link to the available prints and let the winner choose which image they want, rather than choosing a print ahead of time.

*If 100 of you enter Patchie's giveaway, I will ship a framed and signed version of the chosen print to the winner!

Now go and enter!  You could win two giveaways with this method!  Woohoo!  HURRY, PATCHIE WILL ANNOUNCE A WINNER ON JULY 8!
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  1. You. Are. Awesome. Times, like, a million.

  2. haha, thanks. I'm only doing what more people should do. I am baffled about this... you follow, say hi, drop an email address and possibly win free swag. There are no other qualifications. It's beyond me!


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