Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photobomb Thursday: part of Double Photobomb Friday!

Again I wish to thank you all for putting up with lame, late posts lately.  Things are really kicking into gear here for the wedding of Bear's sister.  (I urge you all to get married somewhere other than your house, unless you have a huge budget and a million friends with clear schedules and a passion for painting and building and general home improvement/renovation type things.  Oh, and a built-in sprinkler system, so you don't have to continuously move one sprinkler all over the place to encourage the new grass seed to grow... and the new grass to stay green.  Ugh.  But in all seriousness... it will be gorgeous... it's just so stressful around here right now!)

Anyways, as promised here is Part I of the Photobomb spectacular.  My birthday weekend was awesome, and since I got a compact camera with the capabilities of my beloved DSLRs, I took a ton of photos!  So... here we go!

These are from Saturday.  Patchie took me to Arena Stage to see Ruined in DC.  Then, we went to grab some food and drinks with the crew, moved on to downtown where I got a yummy sandwich, and we walked from Chinatown to the Mall (where we had a mini photoshoot) and on to the Capital Building.  I had a blast, even though my cute shoes were definitely the wrong choice for walking in the summer heat... leather does not breathe, and tapered shoes to the toe make your feet hurt after a while.  Fortunately, the day was not too hot and there was a lovely breeze!

Did you see that some of the photos had effects?  Those were done in-camera... not post-production!  It's the coolest camera ever.  Sigh.  It's love.  :)

Have a happy Thursday... I'll be back tomorrow with even MORE photos!!!
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  1. I love that one where I look like I'm the only one at the Capitol!

    You got some great shots! Yay new camera!

  2. Bambola- I have no idea where to get those anymore! I got those for a production of "Bye Bye Birdie" I was in with my Local Theatre almost a decade ago!


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