Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Weird New Me

Since Bear and I have transformed our apartment into a functional living space, banishing the old bachelor pad/dorm room decor and our attitude of "well, it isn't clean but it doesn't smell bad, to that's okay", I have morphed into some sort of Martha Stewart superwoman.  My whole day starts with laundry and dishes, and ends the same way.  My lunch is actually cooked in the kitchen (okay, heated up dino chicken nuggets from the freezer) instead of picked up en route to work at a fast food chain.  When the cats knock over glasses of water, I clean it up right away, instead of figuring it will eventually evaporate.  When I get home, I hang up my purse and hoodie by the door instead of dumping them on the nearest couch.

I am turning into a responsible adult!  God help me, I don't know when it happened or why it's sticking, but my home is so much more user-friendly and I am not scrambling to clean when someone calls and says they're on their way over!  In a way, it's liberating.  In a way, it's scary.

I owe my success to many sources, including Do It Yourself Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, and various decor oriented blogs I follow and/or have found online.  I start to worry a little though, when I get to work and check in the periodicals, holding onto Better Homes & Gardens and Good Housekeeping until I read through them before I put them on the magazine rack.

Today I even had lunch and left the TV off!  WHO AM I?!?!?!  Instead, I picked up Do It Yourself and read up on crafts to do with photographs.  And I am feeling ridiculously inspired.  The kind of inspiration that only hits me when the house is clean and I know where everything is.  Is this how normal people feel all the time?!?!  It's wonderful!

So I figured today I'd give you a taste of some fun crafts and things I have seen online and in magazines that I have been DYING to do (and now may actually get around to doing)!

I get email newsletters from all the time.  I love them.  I have a million things from them, including the Nikon Zoom Lens Coffee Mug and Nikon Camera USB.  I am such a geek.  Anyway, the newsletter includes cool projects for photo geeks, and I am so excited to try my hand at a few!!!  (All images are from Photojojo Newsletters!)

I have also found some fun DIY projects from Do It Yourself Magazine that I am excited to experiment with!  And Real Simple always has easy recipes and things to try out.  I am kinda stoked to get a move on all that!  If you are interested in what you see on the websites, I would subscribe to the magazines.  I usually don't do that sort of thing, but these are cheap (and you get a year's worth of Real Simple free if you buy Real Simple Weddings off your local bookstore's rack!  At least, that's how my addiction began!) AND you will get a lot of use from them!

What changes are you making to your lifestyle this summer?  What changes do you want to make?  And if you have any neat crafts or projects you want to share, leave me a link!  I would love to check it out!

Happy Thursday (evening)!  Tomorrow is a weddingtastic Photobomb!

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  1. yer growin up! ha I dont know I feel awesome for like the 5 hours that my house is clean before it goes back to being a heck hole.

    i'd like to try to get in the routine of focusing on one space for awhile each day so it doesn't build up and then overwhelm me D:

    That outfit flip book looks awesome!

    ps you're blog looks light and airy :3

  2. I was like that when I had my own apartment. Now I live in a shoebox of a bedroom and it drives me INSANE. I need to mooooove.

    And yay wedding DIY! Lets get on that shiz!


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