Thursday, August 11, 2011

Muse: Edward Weston

Edward Weston is intriguing to me.  He travelled Yellowstone Park on a grant from the Guggenheim Fellowship, of which he was the first photographer recipient.  He creating a staggering amount of gorgeous prints of subject matter ranging from still life work with peppers to landscapes to intimate portraiture of various lovers.

The last bit is what fascinates me most.  Weston met Charis Wilson, who became his assistant, and later on, lover made wife.  Their relationship is interesting to follow through his intimate portraits of her, from the studio studies to nudes in the sand dunes and beyond.  The Weston and Wilson collaboration, which is really what it was... she was the muse, and he the artist, but the vision was shared... really intrigues me.  To capture so much emotion and personifying a relationship in front of the lens... it's magical.

Weston inspired many of my projects in college for my Fine Art Photography courses.  His use of light and understanding of composition and the human interest in what could be perceived as erotic imagery made him and his work infinitely interesting.

Edward Weston

Nude   1936

You can see the influence Weston has had on other photographers HERE!

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