Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thunderstorm Tuesday

Holy moly are we getting rained out this season!  Already we had a power outage at work, and now I've developed a new fear of sink holes suddenly manifesting under my car on the highway!  AHHH!

Anyway, I finished The Lovely Bones on Saturday and I've been thinking a lot about this library feature on the blog.  I was so excited to figure it out, and get books on the page... I realized I should refrain doing that until I actually post a synopsis!  haha

The lovely bones.

So, here's my bit on the book.  I recommend NOT reading it immediately after suffering the loss of someone close to you, especially if they're young.  Even though they were hopefully not murder victims, you may find yourself thinking "is that where they are?  In some inbetween where they can't quite let go of the world but are no longer in it?"  And it's sad.

Otherwise, it's a tremendous read.  On my last post, I got a comment about the pacing of the book being slow, but I think this is on purpose.  Susie, being dead, has nothing left to her but time, so since the novel is from her perspective, the narrative follows multiple characters at once and slowly weaves around as the years unfold.  She can follow everyone from her Heaven at once, which can be a little confusing or frustrating, especially when her murderer is able to escape and you know exactly where the detective was and why he missed the signs.

Between life and death ( Old version)

If you are like me, and first saw the movie, there are definitely differences between the two you should be aware of.  As in most book-to-movie scenarios, there are a lot more characters in the book.  In the film, three of the novel's characters are rolled into one movie character.  Most of this is piddly little detail things that you'll notice as you read, and if you are a visual thinker like I am, all three of these characters will wear the same actor's face who portrayed the three-in-one character in the movie.  The book is not nearly as wildly whimsical as the film, which of course went for the visual wow factor. That's not to say the book is lacking in imagination, because it has that in abundance.  It's just a different visual and feel.  Mostly, the order of events is completely different between the two.  Things that didn't happen till the end of the movie happen in the first few pages of the book.  Again, I chalk that up to suspense for the film, and the cinematic order of lead-in/climax/conclusion.  The novel doesn't follow that neat arc of importance of events we all studied in school and have learned to expect in literature.

I Was Sleeping Away

Personally, I like both the novel and film equally, for totally different reasons.  The novel had a lot more insight and realism, such as sex and sexual motive, which was omitted but alluded to in the film.  The film carried more whimsy and surrealism, which gained it a broader audience in terms of the subject matter.  Both are works of art and can stand alone in their own mediums.

I highly recommend reading this novel, and look forward to hearing any other thoughts on it!  As usual, the images were found on Flickr and link back to their original sources.

Have a wonderful Tuesday (even if you find yourself in as overcast a day as we've had)!  Tomorrow I have a wedding video post for you!  xo
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  1. I did not enjoy the book, didn't even finish it. Loved the movie.
    I try not to make that a habit tho, so currently going to finish Water for Elephants to break the habit.


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