Thursday, September 22, 2011

Workity Work

So today I arrived on campus two hours early... I was to be introduced to the Board of Directors, but to do that, I had to be introduced to my introducer.  So I went and met him at 2:30, and he reviewed my bio and asked more questions.  After that, I went off to wait in the library until 3:30 when the official meeting was.

The whole thing was really quick, like pulling off a bandaid.  I didn't even have to say anything... I just stood there like one of those dolls for sale on the shopping network, smiling while my stats were announced and I was appraised.  It was weird, but short, and then I went back to work.

Now, I really like my job a lot, and I have a lot of time to read, blog, and read blogs, aside from checking in Periodicals, shelving books, answering questions, and fixing computer issues... so it's really not bad at all.  I also LOVE the people I work with.  We're really laid back in my department, so I wore what I usually wear... a nice pair of slacks in some neutral color, today's pick is black, a nice top in a bright color, and comfortable shoes.  I usually wear my sneakers, which are purple leather Converse (the kind for Target, not Chuck Taylor's).  I fit in at work, but at this meeting I may as well have worn a printing t-shirt with something obnoxious written across it and ripped jeans.  Everyone lined up in the hall to be introduced had on fancy business suits, pencil skirts, high heels or loafers, and ties or delicate necklaces.  I definitely stood out.  But, I am trying to look at it this way: better to be in business casual that is just like what I wear every day, then wear something stuffy and boring that serves as a lie.  If the Board needs to see me in the future, they will know what I look like, faded pink hair and all.

Anyway, this leads into my collections... particularly the elephants.  My boss's wife travels to Africa a lot, and I guess works in a school there.  I don't know a lot about it, and I don't want to pry.  Anyway, she brought home these hand carved wooden elephants and my boss gifted me one (I have an elephant tattoo on the back of my neck, and for the longest time he called me "elephant girl", so he knew I would love it!).  He had me choose from three little guys, and I chose the smallest, because it was so generous of him, I didn't want to be greedy.  He offered me the other two for a small price.  Today I purchased two others off him for super cheap.  So I will have to bring them home to their baby!

Of course, I took a few pictures... so here is my (until today) newest edition to my elephant family!

I also set up my Instagram to post to my Tumblr, so that site is operating again, too!

Happy Thursday!  xo
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