Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The New Direction

As I mentioned yesterday, I am taking my business, MET Photography, in a totally new direction.  I know I was pretty vague in my last post, but feverish writing sometimes does that.  I knew what I meant, but it was probably lost on some of you, who don't have access to my brain.  Okay, all of you?  Unless you happen to think just like me?  haha

Anyway, I have been working on designing the new website and I am here to share some screen shots of the prototype!  I scrambled some important things, like my email, last name (oops, missed one.  Now you know I'm German!), and business name (which will be revealed only after I go through the process of really owning it!), but you should get a better idea of the direction I am taking!

Welcome prototype
About Me prototype
blog prototype

Clearly, I am trying to follow my new direction of colorful, fun, quirky photography in the design!  My style has several sources of inspiration, among these are:

You Can't Be Serious- I LOVE the carefree, colorful, playful way they capture everything!

Emily Porter Photography- Emily and Bobby have such a unique way of viewing things, and even though they specialize in weddings, which I don't, point of view is everything in photography!

Georgia Peach Pictures- new on the scene, Georgia (whose personal blog I have referenced here before) has a great eye for photographing youngsters, and brings an honesty to her portraiture that I adore.

Patchie [Photography]- okay, so she's my maid of honor and second shooter often times, but she's really come into her own.  I really admire her ability to find detail and her portraiture is pretty darn creative!  It's hard to resent her incredible talent when I can learn so much from her!

The Second Shooter- another bridesmaid and far off best friend, Squeebie has really come into her own as well.  Her fun approach to pet photography in particular screams personality and greatly influences my approach with furry family members!

I'm also excited to announce (okay, brag) that this last month I managed to snag editing softwares, a flash diffuser, and a 50mm f/1.4 lens for less than $500... which is kinda massive savings.  I am super excited to get all my goodies and play with them!  Eep!

So... any insight on the new direction?  Does it look as fun and exciting as I hope it does?  Any advice or criticism?  I'd love to hear from you!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. I love the new site already!

    Ohmygosh, now I gotta update that page, AHH!!!
    Was wondering how I was getting 'likes' this morning. Lord.


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