Monday, December 5, 2011

My Life in Misc. Photos


We just returned from a trip to Indiana to visit my brother and see his senior holiday show with the Purdue Glee Club (on the header photo, my brother is second from the right in the second row with the glasses!).  It was a wonderful walk down memory lane as at one point in our childhood we lived in West Lafayette.  This time we didn't stop to see the old house, but it looks so different these days, I wouldn't have recognized it anyway.  I have tons of photos to edit and post and a few cute local places to blog about if any of you end up in the area!  The only bummer is I picked up a bit of a head cold... sore throat, congestion... all those lovely things.  It was so rainy and chilly this weekend!  But the cold is worth all the warm fuzzies of seeing my baby brother, traveling with Bear and my parents, and seeing my Oma, Opa, great Aunts, and Aunt Carol for a little bit!

How was your weekend?
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