Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lost in Austen

I had the strangest day. Bear's SUV is in the shop for the time being, as it will no longer shift into park, so I have been waking with him before the sun to get him to work. I am not a morning person. But I've been trying to stay awake all day so as to reset my own sleep schedule. While I manage to stay awake all day, I still have the worst insomnia, so now I am getting about four hours of sleep a night. Needless to say, I feel AWESOME.

Tomorrow I plan to wake with the sun and run to the most magical place on Earth... the DMV. I need my married name on my license before we head off to honeymoonland on Friday! I cannot wait to ride the train to FL! Eeep!

Anyway, back to the early rising thing. I drop Bear off, I get back home, I look at the laundry mountain. I remember errands that need to be done. Then I remember that the awesome new flatscreen TV we have and that we FINALLY figured out how to connect the Wii to the internet. This means I can stream Netflix. And I have.


Today was, apparently, the day that I got lost in Austen. Literally, I did watch the film Lost in Austen, and found it quite amusing. I followed it up with Mansfield Park, which I am now endeavoring to read.

I find my predicament hilarious. I hated the Jane Austen movie fad with a vengeance that only those ignorant of a thing can have. I guess ignorance does breed hate. Now that I have accepted, read, and LIKED an Austen book, it seems I have contracted a classic literature disease.

I hope I don't lose any limbs due to the illness, but if I do, rest assured. I shall write the most tragically sensible romance of the whole experience, in which I find myself in a higher social station than when I began, with a man who absolutely adores me, even though we were entirely repulsed and/or unaware of each other when the story began... and even though I am missing my appendages. Hahaha

What (slightly embarrassing things) have you been into lately?

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  1. It's so funny to read this because I very specifically remember reading and commenting on your post about disliking a lot of classical literature. I'm still not a fan, but I've made it a goal to read one "classic" every year. This year is Gone With the Wind because believe it or not, I've never read the book or seen the movie. Perhaps it'll be the one that sends me into the fandom you've reached. =]

    1. I've read GWTW 6 times for pleasure. I adore the novel. I adore the cast of the film.
      I am nOt into romance novels and also have a hard time with many of the classics. Currently tackling some Dickens.
      I think my bias for GWTW comes from a respect, no, fandom for Mitchell, and what a pip she was. Oh and the detail and honestly in each character. I let myself cry everytime. I'm really not that kind of girl either. Ask mary

  2. Check out the band, 'The Jane Austen Argument'. I like their sound. Ok, mostly hiS sound.


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