Monday, May 7, 2012


I'm not dead. I am still here. I just can't figure out how to keep writing blog posts. Totally uninspired. I will be completely infrequent on here, writing only when inspiration strikes. Here's a taste of life at the moment, and why it is I am so darn out of touch: * Last wedding season as a photographer. After this season, I am never doing this again. I enjoy it to a certain extent, but the stress is ridiculous, and I am not cut out for this. * Lots of changes at my various jobs. From marketing strategy to publicity and beyond, I keep finding myself picking up odd jobs that need to be done, either willingly, or sometimes I just am told that I am now on some board or another. It gets to be pretty time consuming. * Writing a novel. I have been working on writing my own literature since I was ten years old. I am trying again, and this time, I am not messing around. There's been a lot of research involved. * Photographic art series. Still in the works, but at a storyboarding stage. Is it weird to storyboard for a series of photographs? I don't know. I would be happy to draw out my ideas and call it a day if I had that kind of talent... which I do not, so I make a rough version for visualization and flesh it out later with models and a camera. * Personal life. Some things became a bit of a mess. Other things are totally new, like I'm an aunt to a really tiny niece. All things are currently requiring time and energy to work out and often leave me emotionally exhausted. SO, with all this going on, I have kinda reverted back to my usual escapism. The creative fictions of others' imaginations. I have seriously been reading something non-stop for a couple months now. Basically since I started blogging about books, and then over on Goodreads. Since I started the 2012 reading challenge (48 books in one year is my personal goal), I have already read 23 books. I think I joined the challenge in March, so it's been a constant for me to have my nose in some book or another. Recommendations are always welcome. Until the next time I pop on!
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  1. I'm kind of in the same boat with the non-blogging! I've just been reading and staying off the computer! We'll still be here when (or if) you come back!


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