Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lost in a Land of Literature: An Alliterative Declaration


This seems to happen quite frequently.  I've decided that there are a few basic facts about me that will always remain true:

1- I am nocturnal.

2- My interests are cyclical, and the pattern therein is typically: write, read, create, repeat.

3- I will always love fantasy and science fiction despite the assumed stigmas associated with the genres.

4- I am a lazy person with an incredible imaginary drive.

How does that last one work?  Well, I always have so many ideas banging around in my head, I cannot fathom letting one disintegrate into mental dust.  Therefore, I decide to pursue all the ideas.  Of course, that gets to be overwhelming in about 10 seconds.  At this point, I change tact.  Rather than attempt to organize my time to accomplish everything (what a stupidly rational idea THAT is), I determine to absently pursue everything at once.  This begins with the practice of thinking on the ideas a great deal.  Of course, thinking about something isn't the same thing as actually DOING it.

Here comes point number two: I focus on the idea that excites me the most.  Lately, it's been the book (which I am technically supposed to write in November alone, but I may have caved and typed up the Prologue already, and half the rest of the story is written in various tiny journals in cramped, loopy script).  This, of course, leads to more ideas about that particular conquest (again, right now, book).  I make inquiries among friends and decide research is key.  Research leads to more books.  Talking about the idea refines it, but inevitably someone will say something like "that is kinda reminiscent of this book by this guy I read once..."  BAM.  Now I am hunting for that book by that guy to read so I can figure just how much of this idea has already been pursued.  Of course, that book references the inspirational nature of another novel, and the hunt is on.  I have suddenly flipped from writing like a maniac to reading like a compulsory.

Which segues to topic three.  While I need to continue researching primary sources of actual scientific and historical texts, I keep pushing those imperative yet dry reads off for the more entertaining and imaginative fictions I so love.  And damned if that doesn't result in a whole new mess of hunting out sequels and prequels and other-quels until I have managed to add another ten titles to my literary belt in under a week.  Again.

With two jobs, the question is naturally, when does one have the time to neurotically read ten books in one week? We arrive at the first point of interest: I am nocturnal.  The day may have been long.  Things may be happening in the morning.  But the moon is out, and I am wired to be a bug-eyed night walking (well, reading) speciman.  No matter how tired I feel, I can never successfully doze off until sometime after 1am (lately, more like 4am).  Obviously, logic dictates that rest is most easily succumbed to when one is in an inert state.  Rather than run amok, trying to accomplish various tasks, it is incumbent upon me to simply rest my head on a pillow and mentally romp through worlds that do not exist on this plane we occupy.  One can only surmise that the heavy hand of slumber will reach out to snatch me away presently... although it never seems to be very quick about it.

So, that has basically been my time spent since last posting.  Chasing my various pursuits in my maniacal way (half a mental game of tag, half actual application).

What have you been up to, dear readers?!?!
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  1. I'm the same way, just with crafty stuff, not writing! I do read a lot though and am nocturnal as well, so I like staying up all night reading, which is never a good thing when I work the next morning!

  2. I have never been able to read on a schedule. That's the part of English class that ruined books for me. So this challenge of yours is hard for me to empathize with. How are you absorbing the story?

    I've been up to self initiated projects as well. I'm pretty much documenting them in home video form and hoping it makes a semi interesting blog. There is so much right here at home I can't believe I've never seen.
    I'll be recycling a bit of that Point Lookout adventure as well. I love format of that video you made. What's going on with Vimeo???

    Anyways. I'm not giving up on uS either. We wiLL accomplish another adventure before this summer closes.

  3. Yep, I get that. I'm pretty cyclical too... but definitely not nocturnal. I used to be though! I'd stay up all night reading or writing and just push through work the next day. The older I get though, the more impossible that becomes for me. I'm pretty much out at 11:30pm whether I'm in bed or standing up. =P


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