Saturday, September 29, 2012

4 Simple Goals

4 Simple Goals

2012 is almost gone!  I can't believe it!  We are flying into those last few very busy months of the year.  Over at A Beautiful Mess, Elsie & Emma took time to evaluate what little things they wanted to complete before 2013, focusing on positive actions rather than results.

I liked the idea & gave it a lot of thought before coming up with my goals.

1.  Clean home on Fridays.  I work two jobs & frequently spend my home time working remotely rather than cleaning.  My husband works long days (average of 12 hours!) so he comes home to sleep & recharge.  As a whole, we don't often spend our time cleaning, but drop off things wherever as we rush in & out all week.  On Fridays, I get home earlier & have a couple hours to dedicate to cleaning up.  We plan to make this our habitual cleaning day so we can keep on top of things (because nobody likes that last minute super clean frenzy before guests come over!).

2. Write something daily.  I used to keep a journal.  I still have one, but I have noticed I only seem to write when I have had a bad day.  What point is there in filling beautiful books with bad feelings?  I want to write something beautiful every day, even just a sentence, so I am saving happy memories in my gorgeous books.

3. Cook something every week.  I have a phobia of fire, & it almost is a guarantee that I will set something on fire in the kitchen every single time I attempt cooking.  Bear says practice makes perfect, & although he is a brilliant chef, he is getting burned out.  I plan to ease into the kitchen so I can make meals as well as Bear in the next few years... but to get there, I gotta start cooking on occasion.  If I start with a weekly meal, eventually the whole enterprise won't seem as daunting!

4. Challenges in photography.  I still love photography, but I don't make time to try the ideas I have.  That's going to change.  I have a couple collaborations in the works & I plan to make creative photography more of a priority!

What are your 4 simple goals before 2013?

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